Youth On Stage Open Mic Events

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Mar 2018 to Nov 2019Compilation Slide Show
Slide Show with music Covers the history from start to Nov 2019
July 23, 2018Our Fourth Event In The Eagles Club
The 4 Reeds(V2) The Sax Quartet - With a few new faces sitting in. Sounding Great!
June 25, 2018Our Third Event In The Eagles Club - Back Upstairs
Lydia J. Lydia is back for her third YOS Open Mic Event! Thanks for sharing your great talent!
The Sax Band The Sax Quartet - 1 plus an old drummer.Great Job Guys!
April 23, 2018Our Second Event In The Eagles Club Basement Venue
Absolute Zero Very first public appearance for this great new rock band! Great job Jaden, Becka, Issac and Colin!
Lydia J. tap dancing Lydia is back for her second YOS Open Mic Event, this time showing her talent as a tap dancer! Who knew she was so talented! Now we all do!!
Rocco H. and the Tylor Brothers Rocco with the cool headband on the drums returns this month with the Tylor brothers. Great job and Rock On Rocco!
Brady Z. Singing and playing his own original works. Very impressive!
The Four Reeds The Sax Quartet was back this month with new material. Great job guys!
Zach S. Very impressive percussive multipart guitar work. Nice job Zach!
March 26, 2018Our Very First Event!
Jim's Introduction Intro to our first event.
Lili Very first performer of the night! Great job Lili!
Jazz Combo Very Cool Jazz with Preston, Will, Tylor, Joey and Collin!
Lydia What a great talent you are Lydia! And Fearless!
Rocco On The Drums Rocco and the Tylor Brothers were awesome!
Sax Quartet Preston, Charlie, Bobby and Jacob Great Job!
Promo Splash Video Check out the short version YOS Open Mic Promo Video!
Promo Video Check out the full length YOS Open Mic Promo Video!