• "Rock Camps are passion-producing, confidence-building programs for kids. They are loads of fun too!"

    Wyatt Photo

    The research supporting music in schools, and the benefits music provides, is staggering. Not only do kids do better in school, both academically and socially, but when children have access to music education, they also become empowered. They develop confidence, self-respect and leadership skills.

    Since the inception of School of Rock Camp programs across the United States we have heard countless stories from parents and campers how playing music with others and participating in these programs improved their lives in positive ways. My grandson Wyatt is a prime example. After attending a School of Rock 2 summers ago at age 14, his grades have improved in school, his confidence has resulted in more friends and activities in school, and his passion for music has grown immensely. He is learning how to play numerous instruments, has performed professionally for the first time in a solo act at age 16, and his stage presence shows this confidence. Some participants in various Schools of Rock, have confessed that attending these schools has alleviated depression, brought them out of their shells, has rid suicidal thoughts/ideation and has provided an understanding in how they fit in the world around them. The majority of these participants experience increased confidence, a sense of belonging and improved skills. They also develop a new or renewed passionate for playing music, become inspired to learn and improve and are motivated to do their best.

    Even the shyest of kids realize early on, sometimes in minutes, that the program focuses on the band (team) and not the individual. This type of learning and social environment sheds fears and anxiety and alleviates feelings of vulnerability. They can focus on having fun and being a part of something amazing.

    (Mark Munson)