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The MMMSoR is a non-profit summer camp for kids under the administration of the Crossing Arts Alliance which is a 501C3 charity and District 181 Community Education Department. This is the second year for the MMMSoR, which has an estimated budget of $26,000 for the operation of the 2 week camp and final concert. We have a director, 9 instructors and 5 student instructors hired for 2018. We have printing costs, equipment rental for the classes and final concert, facility rental and cleanup costs and of course insurance, not to forget those unforeseen expenses that popup during those 2 weeks.

It is the goal of the MMMSoR to be self sustaining through the tuition receipts, final concert receipts, Legacy Fund grant, annual scholarship donations and individual and local business donations. Our initial kick off party for the MMMSoR resulted in donations of almost $27,000. This will allow us to have the funds to be successful in our first year of operation, with the goal of totally replacing those funds for the following year from those sources listed above.

Check out our donations page! Get your business or name on the list of donors today! If you would like to make a tax deductable donation to the MMMSoR, that donation can be made to the Crossing Arts Alliance, directed to the MMMSoR,

Crossing Arts Alliance
711 Laurel St,
Brainerd, Minnesota 56401


The MMMSoR is always looking for volunteers to help with our camp. Before and during the camp, we need help organizing bands, shuffling students to various locations within the school, assisting the instructors and student instructors. During the concert, we have needs for ticket sellers and ushers, stage help moving equipment, helping with the student bands backstage, costume and makeup assistants, lighting persons and all the rest of the help we need to make these students look and feel like “Rock Stars”. Our goal is to make this camp a great lifelong memory for these students, giving them the confidence and stage presence so important in life.

School of Rock camps like ours have been a game changer for many students lacking that confidence needed in life. Developing their music skill stay's with them throughout their life. As proof, see our excellent musician instructors we have involved in our school. Athletics may be alright for some students, but it isn’t like music. Enough said. Come join our group of volunteers at our School of Rock!

Contact Info

Our Director: Marlee Larson

Crossing Arts Contact: Lisa Jordan