Class Of 2017 Instructors

Here's a little info about the class of 2017 School Of Rock Instructors..

  • Ron Behrens


    Music background: I’ve been playing music since I was 12 years old. I started out on saxophone and then moved on to guitar. I, like most musicians get a kick out of trying to play just about anything that makes a noise. I have basic music theory and reading knowledge but have been mostly self taught. I had played in a couple bands as a teenager then gave it up throughout my 20’s and most of my 30’s. I have since played in a few coverbands on bass guitar and play guitar in my original band. Being a child of the 80’s has really given me that thing where I really like to “ham it up” on stage and even though I consider the music being number one, I still think there is importance to the visual aspect of a live performance.

  • Chris Dobson


    Professional musician, stage manager, FOH technician & production company owner.

    Music background: Chris began playing guitar & singing at an early age & in high school joined his first band “Brittany Rose”. In college he then formed his own band (Free Wheelin’) and later would hook up with other area musicians to form the band “Silent Partner”. When not gigging, Chris would freelance & fill-in with other groups that were on the road. After years of also taking care of the these bands sound & lighting needs, he formed a production company that would later be know at Silent Partner Production. At this time he also joined “Lip Service”, a touring show band from Milwaukee doing gigs all over the continental US. Chris has recently done shows with Lip Service at ski resorts, corporate events & casinos in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota & Idaho. Currently, Chris provides audio, lighting, stages & tech services for large & small events across Minnesota. Chris continues to work with many national & regional acts at festivals, concerts & casinos throughout the midwest including Moondance Jam, Halfway Jam, Iconic Fest, Lakes Jam & many others. He also continues to play with Lip Service, Kings Ransom, The BeatKeepers & is current audio tech at Timberwood Church in Nisswa. With a very busy schedule, Chris looks forward to many more live events in the future, both behind the scenes and on stage.

  • Sarah Gorham


    Music background: I love just about any type of music, with the strong exceptions of Bluegrass and Swing. I teach piano for my bread and butter, and also dabble in guitar lessons and vocal lessons. I have been working as a piano accompanist for the choir at Central Lakes College for close to 20 years. I’ve worked in community theater as a rehearsal accompanist, stage musician and vocal director as well. I fancy myself to be a bit of a singer/songwriter from time to time. I was a member of a local band, the late, great Rolling Bubble, and did a little of everything: vocals, guitar, songwriting and harmonies. Background vocals and harmonies are a labor of love for me! I am well-versed in music theory. Although I am a classically-trained pianist, I definitely love to rock and have been to well over 100 Grateful Dead concerts.

  • Jim Hanson


    Music background: Jim is a musician who enjoys singing, playing accoustic and electric piano, B3 and other keyboards, and upright and electric bass. He performs with several music ensembles in Minnesota and Texas. He comes from a musical family. His first public performance, at the age of 7, was playing accompaniment on the piano while his grandfather and friends played Scandanavian dance tunes on their fiddles. Through his teens, Jim studied classical piano and played bass and guitar with friends in local Rock & Roll bands. He received his BA in Music Education from Washington State University. He taught vocal and instrumental music in public schools for several years. He continued performing with dance bands and nightclub groups and eventually became a full=time working musician for several years. Jim is now retired and has time to play with several groups with very diverse styles. In Minnesota he performs with "Rockin' Hill". They specialize in Light Jazz, Blues, and Classic Rock 'n Roll. He has also reconnected with friends from "Daybreak" a group he helped found 40 years ago. They're carrying on the tradition of nightclub Jazz standards, a mix of 60's and 70's Rock, and smooth Country on the steel guitar. He helps with the Worship Group at church as often as possible. In Texas, he enjoys backing the musicians at several "jams." Every Wednesday evening he's part of the "PA Rockers," an oldies band founded by friend, Mark Munson, that's become a winter Texan tradition in Port Aransas. Sundays, he helps with music at two churches.

  • Jim Henkemeyer


    Drummer, Vibes and Mallet Player, Steel Pan Drum player, Singer, Percussionist

    Music background: Jim has been a gigging drummer for most of his life. He loves to play Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country and Classical. He has performed for large crowds of thousands on many occasions. He is always seeking more opportunities to continue this level of performance, and play regular gigs. Jim also plays 4 mallet vibes, playing many Gary Burton, Chick Corea Duets. (vibes equipped with the K&K midi/audio pickup for other sounds.) Also the Mallet KAT midi controller, Steel Pan Drum, percussion, guitar, keys and vocals. He is comfortable in the studio and under TV cameras and has traveled the US, the UK, Mexico, Canada and China performing. Please consider for your next tour or gig. Would Like to find another steady gig. Highlights include; China Tour; 10 concerts, U of Minnesota Wind Ensemble (and percussion) The Anaheim Arena, CA, opening for The Pointer Sisters, The Paul Todd Show Paul is a genius orchestral sounding keyboardist and Strong Singer, many shows 6 annual "We" Festivals, Salt Creek Band, Detroit Lakes, MN, playing for 10's of thousands "We Fest" with Jeanie Marie Baja Blues Fest, El Pescadores, Mexico, Baja Boogie Band, With members of Salt Creek. And 2 weeks at Hotel California Lightning Red, International Blues Artist, out of Austin TX. Texas and US tours Studying With Gary Burton, Berklee School of Music UK Tour, Central Lakes College Concert Band, England and Scotland, tympani on "Star Wars", Xylophone on Copland's "Rodeo"

  • Curtis Jendro


    Music background: I received my first set of sticks from my dad when I was 7, along with a sparkly, blue Ruether drum kit. Having no knowledge, no MTV videos, and pressure from father... I ended up as a left-handed, self taught drummer. I then became the first human drummer for The Basement Four (Mom, Dad, Sister, and Me). We played country music for many family weddings and reunions. I missed playing tag with my cousins, but am very grateful today for my dad's pressure. During high school, I was introduced to rock music and was drawn to John Bonham from Led Zeppelin. I upgraded to Pearl Drums until Roland changed the whole of electronic drums and have been using them for the last 20 years, upgrading to the latest V-Drum gear almost as they are released. Throughout my musical life, I learned to play rhythm guitar, pluck away on a bass and dabble or dribble on the ivories. I have always been the one to 'own the gear', ensuring my spot in most any band and have grown to love making the whole group sound better. I now own a small sound company and help with others with their band sound. I believe that having knowledge and experience in playing multiple instruments has helped develop my ear for Sound Production.

  • Ed Koehler



    Music background: I’ve lived in the Brainerd area my entire adult life; got a teaching job; got married; bought a house; had kids and now here I am with my bald head, aching back, and old teeth! Oh yeah...somehow...rock & roll became a part of my life and I just won’t let it go! Even though I’ m retired from teaching, my busy life is woven thru and thru with music. I’m in my third band (this time with former students,) give guitar lessons one evening a week at “The Bridge,” play every Sunday at church...well, you know how it is...can’t stop! If I can avoid the mirror, I’ll keep on playing ‘til my fingers won’t work or my brain is fried – whichever comes first. I keep telling myself that it’s the kid looking out from the inside on stage and not what you see from the outside looking in. Living proof that rock & roll never dies! This adventure goes on!

  • Mark J Lindquist


    Music background: Classical guitar study at Hamline University, 1990 to 1992 with Paul Pilsner and Kim Bloom. 25 years as award-winning music composer, guitarist and performer. Accomplished studio producer experienced in working with diverse musicians of various skill levels. Engineered over 50 studio albums and various other projects. Regular rotation radio air play and in-studio performances on KUMD and KUWS. Instructor at Bridge of Harmony and several years of youth sprorts coaching experience. Related experience: Released over 15 records. Plays multiple instruments including acoustic and electric guitar, base guitar, drums and piano.

  • Steve Pelkey


    Music background: I’m 55 years old and have been playing guitar since 8th grade, so I’ve been playing guitar for about 41 years. I’ve been living in Brainerd since 1984. Over the last 20 years or so I’ve been a guitarist for several Brainerd lakes area bands. Here’s a list of some of them: The District (last 9 years) Norman’s Bait & Tackle Choir (last 8 years) Lord of Life Worship and Praise Band (last 12 years) Swingin’ Sertomans (11 years) St. Andrew’s Spirit Choir (15 years) St. Francis Lifeteen Band (5 years) Sola Fidea (Christian Rock---2 years)

  • Thor Thorson


    Music background: My name is Thor Thorson. My name is Thor Thorson. I’m 55 years old and own a company that manufactures and distributes Giovanni’s Frozen Pizza. I have been married for 32 years, have 3 grown children and have lived in the Brainerd Lakes area for 30 years. I grew up in Bemidji Mn. Where my father was a music professor at the University. I loved acting & singing from an early age. In grade school I taught myself how to play the piano by watching my older brother. In high school I was very active in theatre and continued acting , singing, playing piano and began learning guitar.. I was in All State Choir. And in my sophomore year I was in a theatre group that traveled to London to perform the musical (You’re a good man Charlie Brown) where I played Charlie Brown. I attended and graduated from Bemidji State University with a degree in business. Throughout many of those years I played keyboard in various local bands. I took several years off from playing while I started & built my business. In the last several years I have become active again with my music. I was involved in my church’s contemporary band for 15 years where I played acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and drums. I have been in several musicals with the Pequot Lakes community theatre. I am a member of the church choir, and I am currently in a band called Norman’s Bait & Tackle Choir. I plan to continue playing music for many years and am excited for the opportunity to help others learn to play.