"Youth On Stage" Open Mic Program Details

Mark Munson's dream of starting a School Of Rock in the Brainerd area came true when the first School was held in August 2017. The event was a huge success which wrapped up with a packed house at the final Rock concert! Check out the 2017 yearbook page and the band videos! HERE

Mark didn't want the learning experience for kids limited to two weeks in the summer so he worked hard to lay the groundwork for an Open Mic program to allow kids to continue to be involved and perform for a live audience throughout the year! The "Youth On Stage" Open Mic program is not just for music but also includes performances in comedy, poetry, essay readings and other family friendly offerings. Small groups and bands are welcome as well!

We are planning on starting out with a monthly event scheduled for 2 hours with sign up for 15 minute time slots. If an act or performance doesn't take the full 15 minutes, we will move on to the next performer and if we have time we will fill in the schedule with the backing band or audience participation!

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