The Micro:Bit Page

Welcome to Owen Software Innovation's Micro:Bit Page. This page is where I hope you will start an exciting journey in the world of programming and Micro-controllers! First I want to say thanks if you are a customer who purchased a Micro:Bit starter kit from us and have made your way to this site to learn more about this amazing and powerful little device! Make sure to view the video tutorials in the order they are listed and you will be programming your device in no time! I will say that what you see here is just a starting point for the Micro:Bit. So much more is available on the internet to also help you along the journey. So check out links I provide here.

  • Class Material

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    Here's where you can find my presentation material and links to code examples used in my classes. … More info....

  • The Kit We Sell

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    If you don't already have one of these, please head to contact page and send me an email! … Contact me....

  • Video Tutorials

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    Here are some links to tutorial videos posted on YouTube. … Tutorials

  • Photo Gallery

    Photo gallery

    Check out the photo gallery! … Photos....